Elements of noni: the noni leaf

Believe it or not, noni leaves provide their own benefits

Noni is one of the purest miracles of nature. The noni tree grows in abundance on the islands of French Polynesia. The thick, broad leaves carpet the landscape, the fruit glistens in the South Pacific sun, and deep within the noni fruit the seeds eagerly await their chance to start the cycle of life over again.

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These elements of noni-fruit, leaf and seed-make up the foundation of Morinda's product development strategy. They have been known, both anciently and in today's modern world, to maintain health and reveal brilliant beauty. Noni has been used and loved for thousands of years, and it is our great pleasure to introduce a new generation to nature's most sublime miracle.

All month long we'll be publishing stories about the elements of noni. Today's article is all about the noni leaf.

Not only do the noni fruit and its seeds offer unique properties that enhance health and beauty, but even noni leaves are a source of great benefits. In fact, multiple Morinda products contain noni leaf.

For example, did you know that Noni Leaf Serum contains noni leaf juice? Or that TruAge Pure contains noni leaf tea? With the former product being a topical one and the latter being a consumable, it's clear that noni leaves can be utilized in a number of different ways.

But Morinda scientists weren't the first people to discover that noni leaves were beneficial to man. In fact, various cultures have used noni leaves as part of local traditions for what must surely be a great deal of time.

For example, in our recent blog highlighting Morinda's Senior Director of Research Brett West, he recounted the following story:

"During Morinda's early years, Brett and his department were studying noni leaves. They had already tapped into the noni fruit and noni seed oil, and wanted to see if the leaves also held benefits. So, they had leaves sent in from Tahiti.

Some of the leaves that had been sent to the United States were shipped while wet, so Brett had them laying outside to dry out. Brett's wife came to pick him up from work one day, and recognized the noni leaves. While going through nursing school in college years earlier, she provided welfare service as a church missionary in the Dominican Republic. She once visited with a poor family living away from civilization, and witnessed them using leaves to provide topical relief based on local traditions.

She related this to Brett. He looked into it, found they did indeed have noni in the Dominican Republic, and that they used the leaves for topical relief. So, she had encountered noni before he had!"

Though consumed in some products, the noni leaf is best known for its soothing topical benefits. Products like Tahitian Noni Leaf Serum are best applied to skin irritations or burns.

TeMana, Morinda's new and exciting skincare brand, uses the noni leaf in abundance to create a smooth, even skin tone. Noni leaf extracts are essential for revealing natural, radiant beauty.

Noni leaf is truly one of the great gifts from the noni tree.